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Factors affecting the stability of the pressure sensor have?

The impact of a pressure sensor that is the biggest factor in the stability range, be sure to choose the pressure range of the transmitter measurements: maximum pressure measurement device to determine the system to be identified, under normal circumstances, you need to select the maximum value than the media 1.5 times bigger pressure sensor. There are a lot of people do not understand, I have to explain here, such as our measuring some of the liquid medium, hydraulic equipment, when in receipt of their impact pressure, there will be a peak above irregular fluctuations, such fluctuations when pressure will be grabbing a broken ring pressure sensor above the sensor. This time we can choose a buffer damper to reduce the pressure shocks. In the selection of the pressure sensor, be sure to consider the pressure range, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, such as the destruction of instruments, equipment, and so on.

The stability of the pressure sensor is certainly an issue we have to consider when buying a pressure sensor, the stability of the pressure sensor does what? After pressure sensors used for a period of time, the ability to maintain its performance does not change is called stability. Factors affecting the stability of the pressure sensor are many.

Factors affecting the stability of the pressure sensor, there are many, so we choose to pay attention to the pressure sensor when its stability.

Factors affecting the long-term stability of the pressure sensor in addition to the pressure sensor range, there is a pressure sensor's environment. Therefore, we want the pressure sensor has good stability, it is necessary to have a strong environmental adaptability. Before selecting a pressure sensor, which uses the environment to deal with the investigation, and select the appropriate sensor based on the detailed use of the environment, or to take appropriate measures to reduce the impact on the environment. Stability of the pressure sensor quantitative indicators over the use of the later, should be re-calibrated before use to determine whether changes in the function of the transmitter. In some require the transmitter can not be taken lightly but long-term use replacement or calibration of the occasion, the selected transmitter stability requirements more stringent, to be able to withstand the test of time.

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