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What pressure sensor has applications in the hydraulic system do?

Pressure sensors are used: pressure cylinder, turbocharger, liquid pressurized cylinder, gas-liquid booster, presses and other fields.
 Closed loop power control is generally accomplished by a pressure sensor. But in the hydraulic system is not specific to any one pressure sensor is able to complete this task. When the control valve is suddenly moved, in a very short period of time will form a peak pressure in the system several times working pressure. In a typical mobile and industrial hydraulic, if not taken into account when designing such extreme conditions, and any pressure sensors will soon be destroyed.

In addition, the pressure sensor must withstand the pressure from the hydraulic pump pulsation uninterrupted, although it did so intense pressure spikes, but long hours of work or cause damage to the sensor. The latest series of pressure sensors to solve this problem, the new design to adapt to the vast majority of applications that can work a million times.

This low-power sensor even after years of use in very harsh conditions can still provide accurate, reliable and stable signal. Moreover, it has a good ability to overpressure, can withstand the pressure of the hydraulic system often fluctuations. This sensor uses a MEMS sensor technology to ensure the stability of the output. The sensor can output a signal proportional to the ratio of the linear working pressure.

Typical applications include: hydraulic systems of various vehicles, material handling systems, hydraulic tools and hydraulic systems, materials testing machines, adaptive suspension system

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