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How to obtain warranty service
To obtain warranty service, you can contact directly with the seller or an authorized service agency, or call the hotline service related products, contact us, by our service personnel to arrange service. When applying the warranty, you should provide effective ① sales invoices; ② warranty card and warranty certificate to qualify for warranty. At the time of purchase, you should ask the seller and keep sales invoices duly completed. Such as invoice discrepancies with the actual product is altered or illegible, considered invalid. Product repaired or replaced, you should keep maintenance records. Warranty card, warranty certificate, warranty, maintenance records and other documents referred to collectively as the warranty documents, these documents are proof that you have the right to obtain warranty service. If you can not provide a valid these documents can be confirmed in our products or components covered by the warranty situation, but also can provide you with warranty, but not as part of our duty. When you apply for warranty service, we need to comply with the provisions of the necessary procedures, including providing the necessary information to follow specific steps to identify and solve problems.
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