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Sewage water supply, sewage water was found full of undrained, or non-stop water shortage?

A, first check your wiring method is correct, carefully read the sewage water supply wiring method specification;

 B, if it is determined no connection problem, please use the following simple method to detect whether there are quality control issues;
 ▲ check the load current protection is set to 000.
 ▲ then remove the sink for three signal lines, with three high school took a short copper terminals of the low-water pool.
 ▲ start: on the air switch, the controller at the bottom of the switch to ON, this three copper wires twisted together a short circuit, when the pump is running, and then separate the three copper wires, the pump is stopped; then three lines twist shorted together, the pump running again. You can repeat this operation. this opportunity is switched on or off 3-5 seconds delay, the delay is to make contact with more fully, to avoid malfunction.

 C, to determine:
 ▲ If these actions have a problem, then the controller itself has quality problems, please contact your dealer for replacement or repair;
 ▲ If that is no problem, you can be sure the problem is to install either the signal line question: for example, the signal line is damaged, or mouse biting, or it could be the signal line probe needs to be cleaned, when the signal line extension connector contacts are not Okay.

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