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Xinyuan Pump Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, formerly a professional agent import supply equipment trading company, after years of hard work, has now developed into a sovereign independent research and development of high-tech enterprises, the company mainly produces stainless steel submersible electric pump, pump control and protection, and other products. All products are imported United States, Denmark, Sweden and Italy and other countries most advanced pump technology and equipment; production of oil-cooled submersible motor (4 inches, 6 inches) more than 50,000 units, production of high-grade stainless steel wells pump 100QJ 4 more than 10,000 units, the flow from 1.5 tons --100 tons / hour, lift --400 meters from 15 meters; pump control protection research is to get a college professor of South China University of Technology and pointing and approval, according to international quality and safety design and production standards.

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Add:No.131,Jiuwei,Tiantangwei village,Fenggang Town,Gongguan City,China.
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