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The world's first flexible strip Pump Truck welding production line built

Recently, the world's first flexible production line welding truck boom in Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Company Lugu Industrial Park plant installation is completed and put into use. Zoomlion the production line with independent intellectual property rights, this production line represents the highest level of global concrete pump manufacturing processes.

All along, the concrete structure of the production machinery company to stations based method, although the truck boom welding production line layout, but flexible enough, too dependent on workers' labor skills. As the market continues to expand, the existing welding production increasingly difficult to adapt to high-efficiency, high-quality production.

Concrete pump truck boom based on the study of the original process and production patterns, a newly developed flexible boom welding production line into the global advanced welding technology and logistics, and pioneered the riveted long box shaped structure, the welding streamlined operations advanced production methods. It is clever use of welding tooling modular, flexible combination of tooling technology, including intelligent transportation AGV control technology, both inside and outside the three-dimensional curved arm seam welding automation technology, to achieve a station-style production organization to organization of flexible production lines change the way traditional artisanal production methods of the fixture, change automatic operation mode. At the same time, to achieve a multi-species boom, full-line production of small quantities of products, a substantial increase in the quality of products, the concrete pump truck boom structural parts manufacturing quality, efficiency, cost, personnel, labor intensity and get a comprehensive upgrade optimization.

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